Magnetic Particle Inspection of Large Castings

Large castings play a vital role in the manufacturing of power generation equipment.

MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) is indispensable for large castings due to its non-destructive nature and defect-detection capabilities. This method ensures structural integrity by identifying surface and near-surface flaws, such as cracks and inclusions, preventing costly rework and potential failures. Its efficiency in handling complex geometries not only saves time but also supports compliance with industry regulations. By safeguarding quality, enhancing safety, and reducing risks, MPI plays a pivotal role in maintaining the reliability of large castings in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, and energy. 

It is not feasible to load these castings onto any magnetic particle testing machine. Therefore, specialized equipment is required, which can be taken to the site of the casting for defect detection.

Mobile current generators serve this purpose. Prods made from copper are attached to the cables coming out from the current generator.

An operator places these prods at two points on the casting’s surface. The distance between these points is determined by the current used. Current flows between these points, magnetizing the specified area. Testing the casting is a lengthy and meticulous process. The prods inspect only a small portion of the casting at a time. Therefore, the operator must ensure coverage of the entire surface. They can use chalk or markers to divide the surface, checking each marked area and recording the test results. Typically, power generators with capacities ranging from 3000A to 4000A are employed for this purpose.
Additionally, these current generators support cable wrap magnetization, creating a longitudinal magnetic field in the part to detect transverse defects.
Formulas for calculating current in the prod method and cable wrap magnetization are specified in ASTM E1444 and ASTM E709.

Standard MPI Machines

Engineered for precision and efficiency, the Standard Bench Type Magnetic Particle Testing Machine is suitable for entry level testing.

PLC Controlled MPI Bench

With PLC Controlled bench type Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine, you can accurately control the process parameters for reilable results.

Multidirectional MPI Bench

The ultimate solution for robust non-destructive testing, this machine offers multi-directional magnetization for inspection in all directions in one shot..


Demagnetizers stand as a key tool in maintaining excellence in production, with the flexibility to handle different materials and magnetism levels, coupled with energy-efficient and user-friendly design.

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