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Impac Labs, a global leader in Non-destructive testing, pioneers the realm of differential Flux Analysis. With unrivaled expertise, we provide cutting-edge solutions to industries worldwide. Trust us to safeguard your assets through precision and innovation.



Brief Description of DFA

DFA stands for Differential Flux Analysis. It is our Patented and German based sensor technology for fast quality inspection of Metallic parts.

DFA is automatable, easy to integrate in manufacturing and does not impact cycle times.

DFA is easy to train to the operators.

DFA is a non-destructive testing for ferrous and non-ferrous parts.

DFA is quick and sustainable solution to increase quality in manufacturing.

DFA enables 100% in-process inspection.

Excitation with a ramp-shaped electromagnetic signal

Formation of eddy currents in the sample

The sensor measures the voltage-time curve of the emitted field – the inductive fingerprint

What is the invention behind DFA?

DFA compensates unwanted external effects (like distance and orientation) on ferrous and non-ferrous parts and allows a repeatable and process stable measurement.

DFA’s compensation is based on the combination of a hardware-controlled lift-off of and a pulsed-ramped-linear current excitation.

Advantages of DFA over Conventional Solutions

Conventional Solutions


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