Standard MPI Machine

Our standard MPI test bench units establish a benchmark for MPI inspection, finding applications across diverse industries, including automotive, fasteners, hand tools, oil field equipment, railways, and education & training for the detection of surface & subsurface defects. These benches, functioning as two vector machines, create a circular magnetic field by clamping the part between the headstock and tailstock and passing a current through it. The threaded bar method allows the testing of parts with a central bore. Additionally, a longitudinal magnetic field is generated through the use of an encircling coil.


  • Independent current control for Circular and longitudinal magnetization.
  • Separate transformers for Circular and longitudinal magnetization, eliminating the need for noisy changeover switches.
  • Digital, stepless current control.
  • Two large digital readout ampere meters with retention. Pneumatic clamping.
  • Stainless Steel liquid storage tank.
  • Reverse agitation bath system.
  • AC/HWDC changeover for headshot.
  • Continuously movable tailstock with cam lock.
  • V Blocks for job placement.
  • Integrated decaying-AC demagnetization with automatic control.
  • Feedback loop-based current control with current failure indicator.
  • Minimal electronic components for easy serviceability.


Headshot Current CapacityModels staring from 1500A going up to 4000A
Maximum Part Length AccommodationStarting from 400mm going up to 1200mm
Maximum Part DiameterStaring from 75mm going up to 200mm
Maximum Part Weight150Kg
Storage Bath Capacity25 L
Shot Time1.0 Seconds
Power Supply3 Phase 4 Wire 415V AC/220V AC
Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Pneumatic Pressure Required4-6 Kg/cm2
Coil Diameters200mm, 300mm, 450mm
Control Voltage24V DC
  • Utilizes SCR-based digital current control for enhanced accuracy and precision.
  • Implements a feedback loop to ensure repeatability.
  • Incorporates a reverse agitation system to maintain constant powder dissolution in the carrier fluid.
  • Employs pneumatic clamping to ensure spark-free operations.
  • Features a large, easy-to-read digital display for operator comfort.
  • Operates without changeover sound.
  • Provides low voltage output for operator safety.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Conducts magnetic particle inspection on automotive parts such as shafts, axles, connecting rods, hubs, couplings, steering parts, etc.
  • Performs sample testing in the steel industry.
  • Facilitates ferrous raw material testing in all industries.
  • Inspects oil field equipment parts.
  • Examines railway parts.
  • Supports education and training initiatives.

Product models

Horizontal Clamping Models

Model Head Shot Capacity Coil Shot Capacity Coil Inside Diameter Maximum Part Length Maximum Part Diameter
MK-15-C-40-S 1500A AC & HWDC 7.5 KAT AC 200mm 400mm 75mm
MK-20-C-60-S 2000A AC & HWDC 7.5 KAT AC 300mm 600mm 100mm
MK-20-C-120-S 2000A AC & HWDC 7.5 KAT AC 300mm 1200mm 100mm
MK-30-C-60-S 3000A AC & HWDC 10.0 KAT AC 300mm 600mm 150mm
MK-30-C-120-S 3000A AC & HWDC 10.0 KAT AC 300mm 1200mm 150mm
MK-40-C-120-S 4000A AC & HWDC 10.0 KAT AC 450mm 1200mm 200mm
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