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DFA can be used to quickly distinguish between hardened and non-hardened parts.

This can save time and effort during the assembly process and ensure that the desired quality of the product is achieved.

#1 PPAP/IFM Sample inspection

Currently to validate heat treated parts we have to use destructive testing on sampling. This is not a very reliable method to gauge process control, especially in case of Newly developed parts.

#2 Containment for Customer Failures

For Heat treatment issues lead time for containment actions, using conventional methods such as Eddy Current, is very high.
Due to Requirement of new coil preparation and Non portability.
DFA does not have such limitations and can be used for immediate containments.

#3 Mass Production Sorting

DFA can be easily integrated in your current process and avoid any customer failures due to Non Hardened parts mixed in Hardened parts.

Resulting in Happy Customers.

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