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ASTM Pie Gauge

The ASTM PI Field Indicator serves the purpose of verifying the existence and direction of a magnetic field. It is equipped with a non-ferrous handle, facilitating convenient placement on the job. Artificial cracks are deliberately introduced into an octagonal test piece. Indications are observed along lines perpendicular to the magnetic field. This product complies with the requirements of ASTM E1444.

Quantitative Quality Indicators Shims

QQI's (Quantitative Quality Indicators) are magnetic particle test pieces containing artificial defects designed for validating correct field direction and sufficient field strength. These indicators are thin and flexible, allowing them to conform to the geometry of the test piece. To ensure proper contact with the test piece, QQIs must be securely held in place using either tape or glue. This product meets the requirements of ASTM E1444.

Ketos Ring

Employed for System Performance Test
Compliant with ASTM E1444 requirements
Utilizes drilled holes to simulate subsurface discontinuities
Generates surface indications at different magnetizing levels
Includes a copper central conductor

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