Mobile Current Generators


  • Digital, stepless current control.
  • Large digital readout ampere meters with retention.
  • Heavy-duty transformer. No need to wait between two shots.
  • Sturdy wheels for movement on the shop floor.
  • AC/HWDC changeover.
  • Integrated decaying-AC demagnetization with automatic control.
  • Feedback loop-based current control with current failure indicator.
  • Minimal electronic components. Easily serviceable.


Headshot Current CapacityModels staring from 2000A going up to 6000A
Shot TimeMaximum 3.0 Seconds
Power Supply2 Phase 2 Wire 415V AC/220V AC
Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
  • Utilizes SCR-based digital current control for accuracy and precision.
  • Incorporates a feedback loop to ensure repeatability.
  • Features a large, easy-to-read digital display for convenient reading from a distance.
  • AC to HWDC changeover uses solid-state circuitry, eliminating changeover sound.
  • Provides low voltage output for operator safety.
  • Large Castings
  • Steel Industry
  • On Site Inspections
  • Turbines
  • Marine
  • Aerospace

Product models

Horizontal Clamping Models

Model Current Capacity Cables Included
MK-20-MP 2000A AC & HWDC 120mm2—3m X2
MK-30-MP 3000A AC & HWDC 120mm2—5m X2
MK-40-MP 4000A AC & HWDC 120mm2—5m X2
MK-50-MP 5000A AC & HWDC 120mm2—5m X4
MK-60-MP 6000A AC & HWDC 120mm2—5m X4
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