Comprehensive Containment Services

At Magkraft Integrated Private Ltd. we’re dedicated to offering an extensive range of Containment Services that comprehensively address the most critical quality assurance challenges.We understand that even the most rigorous manufacturing processes can occasionally encounter issues such as cracks, heat treatment discrepancies, and grade mix-ups.With our suite of services, you can confidently confront these issues, safeguard your reputation, and ensure unwavering quality across your products.

A Commitment to Quality Assurance Excellence

Our Containment Services represent an unwavering commitment to ensuring that your products consistently meet and exceed the highest quality standards.

We recognize that a single product defect can have far-reaching consequences for your brand, customer satisfaction, and financial performance.

Therefore, we leave no room for error when it comes to addressing issues related to cracks, heat treatment, and grade discrepancies.

Precision in Identifying and Containing Cracks

Cracks in materials can pose a significant threat to structural integrity, potentially leading to safety hazards and costly product recalls.

Our team of experts employs state-of-the-art Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) techniques to swiftly and accurately detect cracks.

This non-destructive testing method enables us to identify even the most subtle imperfections, ensuring that no defective product leaves your facility.

Resolving Heat Treatment and Grade Mix-Up Challenges

Heat treatment problems and grade mix-ups can result in products falling short of your intended specifications, eroding customer trust and satisfaction.

To proactively prevent these challenges, we harness cutting-edge technologies, including Eddy Current Testing and DFA(Differential Flux Analysis), for prompt identification and containment.

● Eddy Current Testing

We have both single-frequency and Multi-Frequency Eddy Sorters for catering to varied types of issues.

● DFA(Differential Flux Analysis)

We leverage DFA technology to analyze and resolve grade mix-ups and heat treatment issues efficiently.

DFA is a German Technology patented by our partners M/s Picosens.

By systematically investigating root causes, we develop effective containment strategies and support the implementation of lasting process improvements.

Your Trusted Partner in Quality Assurance

We go beyond offering mere Containment Services; we become your dependable ally in your quest for superior product quality. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your unique needs, ensuring that our services are tailored precisely to meet them.

By choosing our Containment Services, you benefit from:

  • Swift issue identification and containment.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Comprehensive reporting and data analysis.
  • Customized solutions to address your specific challenges, whether they pertain to
    • cracks
    • heat
    • treatment issues
    • grade mix-ups
    • or other quality concerns.
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