Multi-directional Bench Type Magnetic Particle Testing Machine

Magnetic Crack Detector Machine for Steel Bars
This wet, horizontal, bench-type unidirectional machine generates circular magnetization designed for inspecting both bright and black rolled steel round bars. Circular magnetization is achieved by clamping the bar directly between the headstock and tailstock, passing current through it. The machine is proficient in detecting longitudinal cracks exclusively. The headshot current can be switched between HWDC and AC for detecting subsurface and surface cracks. The machine operates semi-automatically, with all operations—loading, spraying, magnetization, demagnetization, and unloading—being automatic. The only manual operation is the inspection.


  • Automatic loading from infeed bench.
  • Automatic unloading from outfeed rollers to separate OK/Reject stacks.
  • Magnetization, spraying, and inspection all on one station.
  • PLC-Based Control. Fully automatic cycle for faster testing.
  • 7-inch Touch Screen for control.
  • Large Digital Ammeter with Retention.
  • Operator-controlled automatic double shot
  • 50 Program memory to store settings for different diameters.
  • Error displayed on the touch screen for easy diagnostics.
  • Digital, stepless current control.
  • Heavy-duty transformer.
  • Both sides have Pneumatic clamping.
  • Stainless Steel liquid storage tank.
  • Stainless Steel collection tray
  • Reverse agitation bath system.
  • Continuously movable tailstock with cam lock
  • Integrated decaying-AC demagnetization with automatic control
  • Feedback loop-based current control with current failure indicator.
  • Standard make PLC & HMI. Easily serviceable.


Headshot Current CapacityModels staring from 4000A going up to 6000A
Maximum Part Length AccommodationStaring from 5m going up to 10mm
Maximum Part DiameterStaring from 16mm going up to 160mm
Maximum Part Weight1200Kg
Storage Bath Capacity50-150 L
Shot TimeAdjustable from 0.5 sec 2.0 sec
Power Supply3 Phase 4 Wire 415V AC/220V AC
Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Pneumatic Pressure Required4-6 Kg/cm2
Control Voltage24V DC
Touch Screen Display Size7” Diagonal
  • Fully automated operation
  • Digital current control based on SCR technology ensures accuracy and precision
  • Feedback loop ensures consistent repeatability
  • Reverse agitation system maintains continuous dissolution of powder in the carrier fluid
  • Pneumatic clamping mechanism guarantees spark-free operation
  • 7-inch Touch Screen for enhanced operator comfort
  • PLC-controlled operation for quicker and reliable testing
  • Low voltage output prioritizes operator safety
  • Operator-controlled Poka yoke for managing the demagnetization cycle
  • Bright Steel Bars
  • Black Steel Bars

Product models

Model Head Shot Capacity Maximum Bar Length Minimum Bar Length Maximum Bar Diameter Minimum Bar Diameter
MK-40-400-BRT 4000A AC & HWDC 4m 2m 75mm 16mm
MK-50-600-BRT 5000A AC & HWDC 6m 2m 90mm 25mm
MK-60-C-800-BRT 6000A AC & HWDC 8m 2.5m 120mm 50mm
MK-80-C-1000-BRT 8000A AC & HWDC 10m 3m 160mm 75mm
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